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Runaway hit count - Could this be right?

  1. Hmmm... low volume blog.
    From the begining of the day till 10 minutes ago, there were 204 hits on a single post, 5 minutes later 219, now, ten minutes later, as I send this missive,

    Screenshot of my stats...

    My sitemeter counter isn't seeing any of this, 20 hits on both of my blogs.
    The discrepancy is... vast. Is something amiss?

  2. You do see that post with 219 hits, right?

    You may have been slashdotted or digg'ed or picked up somewhere else.

    If you can post the link to the article in question, I can do a search for you.

    Hope this helps,

  3. 290 now. :)

    Gone for a looksee.

  4. I'm afraid I get nothing. Not on digg or slashdot that I can see. I see you listed on Tech in a couple of places but nothing high up there. There's a Tool that will let you see teh different Googlr data centers including some of the backend ones that are more current but nothing there either.

    Sorry I couldn't help.

  5. Topix likes me... but still...

    The tool is interesting, it hits the I feel lucky button list on all the Google domains.

    Check this phrase:

    Hugo Chavez Speech 2006


    Edit: 1715 Pacific DT

    I'm rating higher than newsmax on that search string...

    I'm sorry, that's just not possible without someone doing some serious playing with google's stats.

    Don't get me wrong, I *like* being stroked, but this is reediccooolus.

    Who would I contact at google?

  6. 64 hits in the last hour and a half on a 3 day old news post.... Nuts.

  7. totally weird

  8. I've seen bigger boosts; it's not atypical on a relatively fresh post like that (I'm talking about what non-bloggers would consider fresh, like MSN headline writers).

    It's probably being passed around on a hot email train right now (shows no Referrer in Blog Stats page) or it could be on a protected forum or something, but my guess is email. Maybe you got picked up by the CIA!

  9. Oh, and I'll have what you're having.

  10. Ahhhh... rain you got me thinking ... not an easy chore at this hour but come to think of it now I've had a similar experience when an American forum picked up an older post I had made about the superhighway from Canada to Mexico. From that forum there was an email chain that went to two other Canadian listservs and then to another American forum. I got rally after rally of hits. I had forgotten about this but yeah, now I remember. And BTW I'll also order a round of what you're having too leighm. ;)

  11. *shrug* I still get about a hundred hits a day on the old picture uploading FAQ that I have on mysite.

  12. 471 hits so far today.

    C'mon! You'd think I was the only in the source in the universe for a corrected copy of Hugo Chavez's UN speech.

    I dunno....

    480... Sure wish I had something to sell, like splinter pieces of the podium at the UN, or chunks of Sulphur and Brimstone..., or french toast with Hugo's face in it...

  13. Hey there, quit your whining ... I'm not crying a river for you and that's for sure, for sure. Also if you keep this groaning up well, you'll run the risk of sounding like you're bragging, no ;)

  14. It's self-reinforcing. Lots of hits gets you on Top Blogs, if you get in the top ten you're on EVERYONE's dashboard, etc etc. Also, WordPress is very clean and does very well in search engine rankings; with such a clear title, you're going to rank very high.

    French toast with the face of Hugo've heard of eBay, yes?

  15. no referrers could also mean that they're coming in through search

  16. TT hitting refresh on that post trying to muck with your mind? :)

  17. Raincoaster:
    "French toast with the face of Hugo've heard of eBay, yes?"

    unh huh. I have a cd-r that reflects the image of Steve Wosniak in a rainbow-ish aura that I've been meaning to post.

    FWIW, It's all finally calming down. Peaked out yesterday @ 575, about 30 times the average number per day. The stats page of the site I was linked to even logged in. Someone was probably wondering where the bandwith was going.

    AWStats on's hosting looks quite thorough... when will it be implemented on [nudge nudge wink wink]

  18. There's actually a plugin for regular WordPress for AWStats but you have to hack the AWStats side to make it work.

  19. Has anyone successfully hacked it? I mean why re-invent if you can tweak?

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