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    i have setup a blog with a login using my gmail account to login with. but i would also like to create a separate blog about a different subject but do i have to create another log in etc?


    The blog I need help with is



    No, you can create another blog on the same account from the Manage My Blogs page.


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    If you want the two blogs to be completely separate from each other you can set up a new account with a different email address and different password.

    But you can also set up another (or more) blogs on your current account and use one password to log into them. After you log in you’ll see a list of the blogs connected to that account when you hover over your gravatar on your administration bar on the top right. Choose the one you want to edit.

    For example I have two blogs using my work email, and several blogs using my personal email. For practical reasons I wanted them completely independent of each other.


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    Note that all the blogs under one account (email) will show the same gravatar. So if your goal is to have separate, independent blogs then you’d use a different email.



    Thanks – raincoaster has hit the nail on the head. My Blogs or Manage My Blogs is what i was looking for

    thanks heaps for your very fast responses raincoaster and 1tess !

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