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How do I run ads and use a donate button?

  1. ascendingstarseed


    My blog is averaging between 2000-3000 hits per day and I'm interested in learning how I can earn income for my work. After looking around the site for awhile I couldn't find specific information on setting up a button to "Donate" money, I've recently seen one on another WordPress blog and would like more information on setting this up. Also information on running ads, or even pay-per-click options - although I haven't a clue how these work or reputable companies to work with.

    Where can i find this information and are there other options for earning income that I can look into as well?

    Thank you!
    Blog url:

  2. Hi there Annette

    Congratulations on your popular blog :)

    For information about adding a donation option to your blog, see here:

    We don't generally allow advertising on, but we're currently beta-testing a program for ad revenue-sharing with bloggers, called Ad Control. You can read more about it and apply here:

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