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    I’m trying to add a paywall from to my site on WordPress. Tinypass says on their site that they are a WordPress Featured Partner Member. They have specific instructions on how to access the plugins on any WordPress site, yet the plugin tab is nowhere to be found in my Dashboard. Furthermore, I can’t seem to find any documentation on plugins on Please help, I feel like I’m losing my mind! Here is the URL for the guide from (so that you have a clear idea of what I’m trying to do.)

    Thanks in Advance!

    my site is
    adding the Tinypass plugin to my wordpress site

    The blog I need help with is



    There ARE no plugins on There are plugins on WordPress.ORG.

    If you want a paywall here, what we suggest is creating one Private blog where your content is, and one Public blog which is only the gateway to the content. Put a Contact form in it and only Invite to the private blog those who have paid you via Paypal for access.



    First of all, that’s way too much work to do when dealing with thousands of viewers paying for an online concert worldwide.

    Second, there supposedly is a way to integrate a fantastic plugin called, Tinypass, into my WordPress site.

    But, to my point, documentation from Tinypass continues to point me to a “plugin” tag in my Dashboard that doesn’t exist.



    My point is that you need to re-read the first line of my comment. Repeatedly, if necessary.


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    Hi there edgeeffectmusic

    Please read the link Rain provided:
    Take a look here:

    What you want to do is more efficiently done on wp.ORG:

    Are you aware that there are different flavors of WordPress which have very significant differences with regard to the capabilities they offer?

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