Running Two WordPress Simultaneously

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    Sounds exciting right? Well, it’s probably not the answer to my problem, but it’s the first thing I came up with. What I want to do is have two separate wordpresses running but showing up on the same page. Why, because they are two completely different topics that I want to be managed independently by two different groups. Is this possible, or what would be a better solution.



    Not on We can only post to one page and there’s no way to show two blogs together; any kind of frame is stripped out and it would require the kind of access to files that we don’t have. You could do it with software from; it doesn’t have the same restrictions. If your blog is on, though, the best you can do is to use unique categories to separate each topic so when you click on them all those posts are grouped together. Or to link to a second blog in your sidebar. Hope that helps.



    Edit: Sorry that link should be
    This FAQ might help you with the categories as well.

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