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Runtime Errors in My Dashboard

  1. Up until a few days ago I was using Firefox to edit and view my blog. Then I realised Internet Explorer was displaying the blog differently and ignoring my close tags for bold and header text, meaing the whole blog was displayed in h4 size!

    So I started using the Firefox add-on 'IE Tab' which imitates Explorer. This makes sure I know what the blog will look like for most people but everytime I refresh or view a diffent page in the Dashboard I get a popup about a runtime error, line 1726 for a null 'addeventlistener'.

    I tried using Internet Explorer itself, which gets rid of the annoying popup but still gives me an 'error on page' message in the info bar.

    Is it just me having these problems?

    IE version 7.0.5730.11
    Firefox version
    IE Tab version

  2. I haven't hit this issue but I did want to mention to compare views of your site in different browser windows.

  3. Thanks for the link.

    No ideas on how I can get rid of the errors I'm getting?

  4. Seems to have fixed itself...

  5. Thanks for coming back and telling us. :)

  6. No problem...thought you might not be able to sleep at night with the worry ;)

  7. *lol* a sense of humour is always an asset ;)

  8. Staff appears to have been doing some coding over the weekend as it appears a couple of things got resolved.

  9. Code is poetry and poets are always creating. From what I can tell they work harder on weekends, with fewer interruptions. ;)

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