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Russian language representation problem

  1. Dear sirs, all my photos are tagged and described in 2 languages: English and Russian.
    When it comes to Russian, It is shown as a mess which I cannot fix:
    EXAMPLE: Family And Relatives / Семья и родня. Candid shot. New relatives. First family photo. How to set a proper representation of cyrillic font? Or should I delete the Russian part of tags and description?
    Blog url:

  2. Hi there, I see that you are hosting your photos elsewhere at the moment. Could you please describe more specifically where the issue is occurring? If you could take a screenshot and upload it to your Media Library, I'll be happy to look into it.

  3. Hello!
    I think that the problem is caused by WordPress fonts. Not a single font (at list in free account) supports Cyrillic code page. That is why I removed the Russian language completely!
    I showed an example of the corrupted representation in the post above. No Russian letters.

  4. But you can see that in my previous post Russian alphabet is represented correctly, so I do not understand the reason why I cannot use cyrillic font in my photos description. ((((

  5. I am sorry about this. Can you please create a sample post where it happens, and set the post to private, so that I can have a closer look at the problem? Thank you in advance!

  6. OK.
    When I create a new post everething is OK, I can create it in Russian.
    I shall clarify the problem
    I have a photo on
    The photo is tagged and described in English and in Russian.
    When I share it FROM my SmugMug site, the keywords and description in Russian is corrupted (see example in the first post).
    When I create text or tags FROM my WordPress blog - everething is OK.
    So, the problem is somewhere in importing from
    I now understand the problem.
    My blog is international, so I prefer to write it in English.
    Thank you very much!

  7. Thank you very much for providing the additional detail. I was able to reproduce this issue on my test blog: when sharing a photo from to, Russian tags come through as corrupted.

    I have contacted the support and they said they'll be looking into this (no estimated date at this time).

    Please let me know if I can help you with anything else!

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