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    As strange as this sounds I’m getting tons of spam in russian. About five a day and they make little sense, I’ve put them through an russian-english translation. Is there some way to block them?


    The blog I need help with is



    1) Make sure you mark them as Spam, not just Delete them, so that Akisment can learn.
    2) You may want to consider comment moderation: Settings > Discussion > An administrator must always approve the comment. That makes for a less instant discussion on your blog, though.
    3) You can always try to add their IP or email in the spam catcher textbox, if it’s the same spammer over and over again, but most likely it’s not, so that won’t help much.
    Apart from that, there really isn’t much you can do.


    Hi wpvstp.

    I have just been deleting them so I’ll try marking them as spam. I do have the moderation thing on so they’re never published on my blog just in my moderation…folder. (I don’t know if that’s the technical name.) Two in particular have left several comments over the past few days. It’s only been going on for about a week. I’ll catch their ip/names before I delete next time.

    Thanks for the help!



    I too have been getting these, and have been following the discussion in the forum ‘spam from .ru domain’. It’s been helpful.

    As the webmaster said in that forum, remember that they are already going to your span box which means that they are being ‘caught’ as spam, and that you can delete them as a group, en masse, or just let them sit, and wordpress will remove them in l5 days.

    Have fun!


    For those coming to this thread, the thread wellcraftedtoo speaks of is here: and it has some comments in it by staff on the subject.


    Just checking back to this thread to pick up any new comments, and see that there are none.

    I’ve been receiving far less ‘russian’ spam as of late. Is that true for others?


    It was pretty bad there for a while, but mine’s dropped off, too. Askimet caught it all anyway.

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