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Ryu Theme Links In Comments Same As Text And Links Are Hard To Tell Apart

  1. Hello,

    I would like to report that links/click-able text on comments in the Ryu Theme look the same as normal text, there is no color difference/italics/underline/size difference/et cetera like on most themes; is this intentional or a glitch?


    In the body text of the Ryu Theme links/click-able text looks the same as normal text in size/color/et cetera but there is a very very thin & light underline that is very hard to see/notice, are there any plans to make links/click-able text noticeable/easier to see by making them or offering an option for a different color and/or having an easier to notice/see underline and/or making them italics and/or something like that which most themes do/have without the Custom Upgrade?

    I really think that this needs to be adjusted a bit, because not only are they hard to see/notice for me, but some people are not noticing links/click-able text on my blog either because of this since it looks so similar to/the same as the normal text (the same color black/et cetera) unlike how most themes handle links/click-able text.

    Thank you,
    -John Jr

    The blog I need help with is

  2. without the Custom Upgrade?

    The answer will be no.

  3. Probably, but I am hoping that he/they will compromise and at least make the underline a bit more noticeable and/or use italics if they do not want to change the color or offer that option. ;)

    Either way, that was my secondary concern, the main one is that links in comments do not even have the thin underline like links in the body text; and so you can not tell them apart unless you hover the mouse over the text.

  4. Tagged for Theme Staff to respond.

  5. Thank you TimeThief.

  6. Howdy! We do not plan to change the link style in Ryu at this time, but I've noted the issue with links in comments and will take a look at that. We appreciate your feedback. Cheers!

  7. Okay, thank you Sixhours.

    Are there any plans to remove italics from the tagline in the Ryu Theme, so that it does not look so thin & hard to see since the font is small?

  8. There are no plans to make changes to the fonts in Ryu, but we do take user feedback into consideration.

  9. Okay, thank you Sixhours.

  10. @goodjohnjr,

    We've added the same underline to links in comments too.
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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