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ryu theme menu is getting me anxious

  1. And my blog's mission is for quiting anxiety =S
    I canĀ“t navegate in the menu, when my browser wants to click a sub menu it disapears.
    I have to browse over and over and suddenly it sticks and remain still.
    Any ideas? How can I fix this? My followers are having the same problem. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Howdy!

    I think this is due to the small font size. If you add this to your Custom CSS panel, does it help?

    .navigation-main ul ul {
       top: 1em;
  3. @fabilousa,

    Sorry about the trouble! I see this can be an issue depending on the font size for the menu items. I'll work on a fix and keep you updated here.

  4. @fabilousa,

    I've released a fix and I confirm your menu works as expected. If you dont see the change, please try clear the cache and cookies.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  5. Thank you very much Takashi and "sixhours", now I'm totally in love with my blog!
    And congratulations Takashi because it looks very nice and is functional also.

  6. @fabilousa,

    You're welcome!
    Thank you for the compliment :) I'm glad you liked the theme!

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