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    I don’t neccessarily hate chage BUT can someone tell me the reasoning behind the change in the latest wordpress.

    It seems to me that it has made customising your blog one hell of a lot harder than before.

    Yes I purchased the upgrade

    Yes I will have to learn some CSS
    BUt before I could understand and make changes and feel good about it.

    Now it all seems HARDER.

    Can I get access via ftp to the specific side bar file etc now that I am hosted @ wordpress??


    If you are hosted at, you will not have FTP access, and since this is a multi-user platform, you do not have access to the underlying wordpress or theme files (if you were to change something in them, it would change it for every other user of that theme as well).

    Editing and changing the CSS did not really change when WordPress changed to the new software although other parts of the UI did change, and in some cases pretty drastically.

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