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    I’ve had the chance to work with Safari 3.0.3 Beta (Mac) for a little but just now got around to trying to write posts and such (I typically use an off-line blog client for posts) and have the following issues which I hope will be taken care of when the final version comes out. Many of the problems experienced with the 2.X.X version have been fixed, but there are a few issues that will cause users some grief. I’m going to send this information in to Apple as a “bug” report as well so they will be aware of it.

    1. In the visual editor, if you hit return to start a new paragraph, it appears like things are OK until you hit save, or save and continue editing and then the paragraph breaks disappears and you have one long paragraph. A trip to the code tab reveals there is no paragraph break. In the post I did, I had to enter the paragraph break tabs manually in code view for them to stick. If you do a page break and then switch to code view before hitting save or save and continue editing, there is no page break either. So, visually it’s showing the break, but it is not inserting the code.

    2. When you highlight text to make it into a link and then hit the link button in the visual editor, enter the link URL and hit insert, the link is not coded in. If you take a trip to the code editor, it verifies that the link code has not been inserted. I got around this by doing link insertion in code view. When you hit save or save and return, the link code stays in place. I then go back to the visual editor and continue writing.

    3. If you highlight text in the visual editor so that you can change it to bold or italic, and then hit the appropriate button, it does not insert the code. Again, you have to go to the code editor and make your change there. After making your change in code view, it sticks and will appear correctly in the visual editor.



    Is that using the Rich Text Editor (TinyMCE)? What happens if you turn it off?

    I was always under the impression that Safari worked (better – not great!) with the RTE switched off altogether.

    Thanks for the update!


    Cornell, you are right, it works fine with the RTE turned off (I just checked). It would definitely be nice to have the use of the RTE though. I’ve sent a bug report to Apple, but I don’t know if they will do anything about it or not. We will see.



    Thanks for this post. Here I thought it was WordPress when all along it was Safari. Don’t mind having to open up Firefox to correct this, but it’s still a pain. Glad to know there’s a easy workaround though.


    Actually I’ve done some additional research and the problem is that TinyMCE, the javascript rich text editor WordPress uses for the write functions, doesn’t yet completely support Safari. They are working on it, but it’s still listed as “experimental” at their website. With Safari being realeased for Windows too, perhaps they will speed things up a little bit.



    TMCE uses specific features of some browsers for RTE (rich-text-editing).

    not sure, how windows version of Safari could speed up things of creating still non-existant web standards (yet should be checked how those things are getting on up today).

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    I don’t have a problem with using bold and italic in the RTE, but paragraph breaks refuse to stick no matter what I do, even in code-view. This is with the Safari released with Leopard.

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