Safari 7 issues

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    I am having an issue with editing my site.

    I use Safari and have had no real issues for the last year that I put my site up. Recently, however, I have had issues with it. I am now using Safari 7.

    I cannot add tags, so I tried to go around it by doing a quick edit. No website response when I click on that, and no response when I click on help. The page just sits there with nothing even attempting to load – like the links are dead.

    I have reset Safari, clearing the caches. I have also disabled Ghostery and still no luck.

    Firefox seems to work fine even with Ghostery on, but I use Safari and am not interested in changing.

    Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is



    I forgot to add that I cannot get my stats either. I click on the little bar graph and I bet a page that has a header but is blank otherwise.

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