Safari crashes on iPhone -photo gallery

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    The photo gallery works great on laptop but when viewed on iphone ios 7 in safari or mercury it crashes the mobile browser as soon as you click on a gallery photo.
    Is this just my iphone? has anyone got a gallery that works on mobile.

    “Reddle theme”

    The blog I need help with is



    While galleries in the body of a post or page are working fine, it appears that the gallery widget is causing issues in iOS. I’ll pass this report on to our developers. Thanks for letting us know.



    On further investigation, it looks like you are redirecting your site to your custom domain using a domain masking technique rather than our domain mapping.

    Doing so leads to a number of issues with not functioning properly. While I cannot say this is causing the issue, I’m also unable to rule it out.



    Oh good catch, Ok I removed the redirect.
    1/ it works in vertical mode ! (but very small images)

    2/ Does not crash in horizontal mode. But swiping or clicking on from one image to another brings the menu bar and bookmark bar up thus making the images small. Should they not view in full screen?

    using the x button to cancel actually takes you back one image instead of closing the gallery.

    Is there an option to use another gallery?

    thanks for your help!




    You have the sidebar gallery set to display in Carousel mode, so the images will not be full screen when viewed.

    It sounds like what you might prefer is linking the images directly to the media file, so when someone clicks on one, it appears full-size. You can change this setting for your sidebar gallery by going to your Dashboard and under Appearance > Widgets, find the Gallery widget and modify the “Link to” dropdown option to Media File instead of Carousel.



    single images that do not have a next image link are kinda 1998’ish.

    I will look for a third party fullscreen slide show!

    many thanks for your help with my blog problems!




    You’re welcome, and I’m sorry our carousel doesn’t meet your needs.

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