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    Being a Mac/Safari user, I ‘m used to encountering all sorts of problems on the net. I was wondering about a couple of things when I started posting on my blog, then I read the FAQ and realized there is actually a problem with toolbar editors and Safari. Now my question is, is there anything that can be done about it?

    It’s so frustrating :-(



    Firefox is the recommended browser.
    Apple wrote safari? They tried to redefine standards or something because it’s their code at fault.



    Oooh, just found this: Compatiblity Chart. That’s from the TinyMCE site. Maybe that should be added to the FAQ to offer some proof of the issues. (No offense, Liberty. That’s not directed at you.)



    Faq’d – cheers drmike.

    (And it’s still the fault of Apple.)



    dear Safari people,

    please don’t start throwing rocks at Rich Text Editor (TinyMCE) — it is a FREE script!

    I am sorry, but in this moment if you like to use it on Mac, then you have to use either Camino or FireFox.

    podz, please, excuse me! I just can’t help but say it here:

    WebKit, Safari’s rendering engine core responsible for RTE — is an open-source framework. its codebase is contributed not only by the Apple’s employees, just as well as WP consists of code made not only by Matt, Barry and Co ;-)

    once again, beg your pardon all for this shout-out:


    as for “just founded” link to the table of browsers supported by TMCE, which is supposed to “to offer some proof of the issues”, but in fact states that TMCE is partially working with Safari 2.0 — look, I referred drmike to this very link whole 2 (two) weeks ago in this thread ( ).

    as it had been “Faq’d”, why doncha cheer me this time by adding my blog handle to the FAQ ‘Credits’ blogroll? ;-)

    I’ve just recieved your comment, glad if mine were useful to get the pith of the issue.



    I will. It was very very late last night when I saw your response. I just got up and I’m so far a coffee-free zone. It will be there :)



    options – write it.
    I cannot think of how to write it in such a way as to absolve the creators of anything of all blame.

    So should it be…

    It’s not Safari’s fault because they use Open Source code.
    It’s is TinyMCE’s fault for not coding it in
    It’s the fault of WordPress because they use Open Source code and should have chosen better.


    “It just doesn’t”

    Whatever should go in the FAQ should NOT generate more questions so whatever answer goes in needs to get everything sorted- and without having a go at another product because that will generate more problems.

    Given that there are alternatives I actually don’t see the big deal. After all, I don’t see them if I use Lynx……..



    <geek>Anyone else get a chuckle out of Microsoft talking about Standards? :)</geek>

    I’m trying to figure out where we started talking about standards here. All I’ve been saying is that Safari does’t fully support WYSIWYG. There’s a thread over on the TinyMCE forum (That’s the one I was looking for) where one of the designers state so and that they are working on it with the Safari folks.

    Oh, and I found that page on my own or I would have given reference to it. No offense was intended.

    I think the issue here though is that fixing the issue with Safari and TinyMCE is out of the hands of Matt and crew. It’s not something they themselves can fix and they have to rely on the TinyMCE/ Safari folks.

    And what’s wrong with Lynx? ;)



    instead of ‘actual doers’ I’d start to blame idea-mongers: Dave Winer for his “Easy easy easy” motto which drove us in the ‘Edit This Page‘ paradigm, Tim O’Reily who has succeeded in bringing in a fashion Web 2.0 Design Patterns and Business Models and idea of Monetizing a User-generated Content, and, finally, if all fails, William H. Gates III and IE team who introduced a MS DHTML Editing Platform in their browser, making possible in-browser web content editing. *smile*

    but seriously:

    “It’s not Safari’s fault because they use Open Source code.”

    yes, but rather because implementing features compliant to existing standards have a higher priority in their dev. schedule cycle than support of may be useful but not yet commonly standardized features already implemented in browsers of other vendors.

    “It’s is TinyMCE’s fault for not coding it in.”

    no, but rather because they have a priorities of their own, based on their evaluation of each browser’s market share.

    “It’s the fault of WordPress because they use Open Source code and should have chosen better.”

    I don’t think so: at the time when Matt was looking for a RTE, TMCE was (and still probably is) most closely corresponding to the model and goals of WP.

    “I don’t see them if I use Lynx”

    nither do I, also when using handheld device browsers. that’s why I believe it’d be a ‘Right Thing’ if .com had installed a plugin which allows to input a simplified markup like ‘MarkDown’ instead of having users to muck on with raw HTML. it is also particularly actual in view absence of the ‘post-by-email’ mean.

    added in closing:
    the funniest thing in this story is that Safari’s official blog is powered by… yes, WordPress! ;-)

    and finally:
    one from an excellent theses list by John (GD):

    “Web apps aren’t really cross platform. Different JS implementations mean that they only really work in one or two browsers, and there’s almost no standard to follow.”



    Just noticed that the rich-text-editor now works in safari.

    Thanks WP team!

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