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safe from right clickers

  1. Hi to any wordpressers out there

    Is there a way here - like a code - you can use to prevent people from right clicking on one of your pictures and saving it?

  2. It's probably better to watermark them before you upload. For all the ways to protect yourself, there are ways to get around them. A watermark identifies the source no matter where it gets put. I'm assuming here that all of your images are original to you.

  3. yes - the images are my own and some stuff I make in PSE, don't like the thought of someone being able to "steal" them. Had thought about the watermark. Yes ok, watermark. thanks

  4. p.s. - how do you have your raincoaster highlighted and I have member highlighted??

  5. you haven't linked your site to your username under contact info here:
    Dashboard->Users->Your Profile

  6. hey - how bout that judyb12. Thanks.

  7. you're welcome :-)

  8. For reference, anyone using Firefox can get around the right click restriction with a simple browser plugin.

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