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Safety of my blog

  1. towardbeginnersmind

    Hi, I know that you can't block or delete a user, as I've gone on the forums. However, I am in a unique situation (I hope). I have someone who has been stalking me for years electronically, hence why my blog doesn't show my name. I have had this one for over a year and figured it was safe but he is now "following" my blog. Is there any way that YOU, as administrators of the site can delete him? Or make it where he doesn't receive notifications maybe? His email is [email redacted] Thought it was worth a try asking! Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thistimethisspace

    That's not possible.

  3. thistimethisspace

    We cannot block or delete subscribers from public blogs. Everyone on the internet can view and follow any public blog. That is in fact what the public designation means.

    You can change your blog visibility to "private" Please read this about public blogs that become private blogs > Blog Privacy and Subscribers >

    Note that you have complete control over everything that's posted to your blog.
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  4. thistimethisspace

    Regarding "safety of my blog"
    Blogs don't get hacked unless the blogger fails to follow security protocols. Please see:

  5. If you can get a court document of some kind and provide it to they can prevent him from email subscribing to your blog and possibly delete him as an RSS follower. And if you have a court order preventing him from following you online and he's subscribed to your blog, obviously you have enough to get him arrested.

  6. towardbeginnersmind

    Thanks for the help and support! Much appreciated!

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