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Sale through blog

  1. Will I be able to post creative contents in my blog. Like for others to contact me for me to help them use the content by paying me(Just like selling designs to them). Just posting the content will be on the blog and other things i can make it through mail. Can i do it that way? Will it be legal for me to do that way?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You mean you want to write a blog and have others pay to copy and paste what you write into their websites? I suppose it's doable technically speaking, but if search engines see the same content on two sites they downgrade both of them. So the more sales you make, the less people will be able to find you.

  3. Actually I'm not talking about content that is available in text format. Just contents like designs viz logo designs, poster templates etc. Is it legal to sell them through blogs?

  4. It's legal.

  5. very much sure about it rite?

  6. In the country I am in and in the US it is legal. I don't know where you are.

  7. I'm in INDIA. Hope so here too its legal then.

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