Salvaging old slideshows that no longer work

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    With the various redesigns the fundamental slideshow of old no long works in my blog. Instead a large rectangle of the background colour fills the column width . Worse, the HTML blog post simply contains the command for [slideshow] plus a paragraph of code for styling it in various colours – see here
    So I don’t even have a clue what the image catalogue numbers are.

    What has also happened during restyling of the edit interface is that most of my early images are no longer retrievable in the library even when I know the slug/filename/title which appears on rollover on the published blog post. A single image search for that term invariably leads nowhere, meaning I cannot reuse that pic afresh, because the media library search tool refuses to find old images from before the redesign. This problem is not new, probably a couple of years old by now, but I am throughly fed up by now at wasting so much time on finding image files that I KNOW are onboard! (And using up the storage quota.)

    Any advice will be welcome, as my blog is very image dependent.

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    The blog I need help with is



    Not sure if this is going to help, but with the old style slideshows, you absolutely had to upload the images to the post where the slideshow appeared.

    Can you try to Edit the slideshow in the WP Admin Post Editor and then sort the Media files to see what images were uploaded to that particular post?

    If you need help getting to the WP Admin add wp-admin to your base WPdotcom address.



    Your memory is obviously not as long as mine Jennifer. The original code which appeared in the HTML post simply showed the word within square brackets [SLIDESHOW] without any of the identifying digits for the chosen images that do indeed form part of a later formatting regime. So not only can I not find the images in my library, but I do not have any way of identifying what they showed!

    But it’s not only slideshow images that have gone missing. Individual pix whose name you can read on rollover on the published blog cannot be found in the media library using those image titles. Many are vintage pix which I would very much like to have available for recycling in current posts, being a social history website.

    WP updates have seriously undermined my blog’s whole purpose.



    Hello again, perhaps I didn’t explain myself clearly enough.

    In both the old style gallery and slideshow, you needed to upload the photos that you wanted to display in that post via that post’s Add Media button. In this way the images were “attached” to the post.

    Here is a post of mine showing the old-style slideshow and a couple of temporary screenshots that may help illustrate:
    1. That same post open for editing in the Visual Editor showing the old style [slideshow] shortcode with no IDs. (screenshot)
    2. After clicking on the Add Media button in that same post, I used the dropdown menu in the Media Manager to show only those images that were uploaded to that post. (screenshot)

    My thought is that since your slideshow is not working, once you have identified which images were used, you may need to recreate the slideshow with the newer formatting regime.

    Because of the additional problem you have now mentioned of the missing images, I’ve tagged this for Staff attention. It would assist them to add here a few links to said affected posts.



    Hi there! Sorry about that. Can you please try updating the shortcode from:



    [gallery type="slideshow"]

    To learn what images you uploaded specifically to that post, click on Add Media > Media Gallery tab in the post editor, then click on the drowndown menu that says “Images” and select “Uploaded to this post”.

    If you have any other questions, please let me know. :)



    @druesome – Thanks for confirming my original solution. :)

    As far as @ontheliner‘s other problem of missing individual photos (the reason I tagged this for Staff), hoping for some links to an affected post or posts so we can see the problem.

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