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Same blog, new domain name?

  1. fencingwithink

    When I first created my blog, I had a certain name for it (I'll call it OLDER). Now my site goes by a different title (NEWER) but of course the URL still says the OLDER name, which is a little confusing, obviously.

    I want to change it, but I know you can't just edit it. Would it be as simple as buying a new domain name for the blog and making it the primary domain in the Domains section? Or would something totally different need to be done?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    You may be able to simply change the blog's name by visiting: and then move your mouse over the blog's address. Click "change blog address" that appears.

    Do read that page very carefully as people visiting the old address won't automatically be sent to the new, etc.

    Alternatively, yes, you can also purchase a domain name and set the new one as the primary. This would be smoother for visitors as folks going to the OLD url would be taken to the NEW domain. The downside is the annual $15 domain registration price.

    A couple of options :-)


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