Same blog: new URL (by mistake) – can you redirect from old URL?

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    I was completely stupid and mistakenly, without realising the consequences, changed the URL of my blog to what it is now (wordwatchtowers) from the old URL:

    The blog is exactly the same. The result of changing the URL was catastrophic. I now get hardly any visitors – and there are pages all over Google linked to the old URL. When people click on those pages, a message comes up to say the blog is deleted. The blog is still there – exactly the same, but with the new URL I stupidly assigned to it.

    My question is: Can you set up a redirect from the old URL to the new URL? I would pay for this service.

    Thank you *weeping in corner*
    Blog url:


    I’m sorry, but once a blog is deleted we cannot restore it, and we cannot assign a redirect to it once after it has been deleted.

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