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    Wonderful that there is the featured image for a post. Can 1 photo embedded in the post article itself, also be selected to be a featured image for the post too?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi maidiebike :)
    Yes. See here for featured images instructions that Staff have now provided >



    Thx for the link which was how I learned of this new feature.

    I use Mistylook template (hope I remembered the template name correctly). I have opened up several existing, published posts in Edit mode and also tried looked in creating new post. But I cannot see the button or in drop-downs for “Set featured image” to activate this WordPress feature to proceed to next step of working with individual images in Edit mode.

    Perhaps original WordPress staff member who wrote the May 3 release instructions, needs to explain more explicitly where on the screen, to find this feature before user gets to the screen to align/inser/set featured image. I know the radio button per image for set featured image is at bottom of the Edit Image pop-up frame.



    Oh no … I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear. There are some new themes like Inuit Types and Structure and Bueno that have this “featured image” feature. Your theme Misty Look is not a new one and it is not among those that do have the feature.



    Thx for the clarification since many people are using that template. I’m inquiring the original template creator about this…

    As a thank you for WordPress support staff, me in Vancouver, BC: 200 wild dolphins sighted just off the coast yesteday: (turn on speakers0




    I’m inquiring the original template creator about this…

    I think it’s important to know that is a WP-MU blogging platform and the themes here were all originally coded to run on free standing wordpress.ORGsoftware installs. In order to run on software they were “adapted” and some features were eliminated as this is a WP-MU blogging platform we cannot access and edit the underlying php and html in the templates. The themes we use here are all derived from shared templates. Only wordpress.COM Staff can access and edit those files as the changes they make to the underlying template effect everyone who has the same theme.

    The Misty Look theme was originally coded to run on wordpress.ORG software. It is a GPL (general public license) free theme which has been adapted to run on wordpress.COM software. So contacting Sadish about adding a feature he did not contemplate on a theme that has been adapted by wordpress.COM staff IIMO is not likely to produce the result you want ie. the addition of the featured image option available only on some new themes.

    I loved the white sided dolphin video. I live in the Salish sea and just witnessed the spring herring run – awesome! Soon we will see our local orca pod (J pod) whose numbers are so low. Too much ocean traffic, too much human impact, and pollution, and not enough food.



    I’m having a problem with featured images. Using Bueno. They are showing up in the sidebar. But they are also showing up in the post –distorted and cropped. I don’t want them in the post. When I follow the instructions I bypass the button that says “insert in post” but it still does it. What’s the deal? How do I just get the images in the sidebar?



    Not sure if this is the forum where I should post this question. But I recently posted a photo essay on a trip to Italy that has been featured all week on both the ‘travel’ and ‘photography’ tag sections–I’m thrilled!

    However, after the first day of my post being featured, it is without a photo accompanying it. I’d like it, of course, to have a photo with its title.

    Can anyone tell me whether I can correct this, and if so, how?

    I have two blogs. The featured post is ‘La Dolce Vita–Italian Sojourn’ on The World Of Dew,

    Thank you for your time.



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