same uploaded jpeg looks different in Custom Header …?

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    Sorry couldn’t be more descriptive in title

    I created a .jpg file in the header dimensions of 500×160 px as specified in the Manifest custom header page.

    when I upload this 500×160 test image through that page it wants me to crop it, which is confusing since it states “Images of exactly 500 × 160 pixels will be used as-is.”

    the link to the image uploaded through Customer Header page is this one

    Since I made the image those exact dimensions I was confused and then uploaded the same media through the media library – that file is here

    the dimensions state it is 500×160

    1. why is the customer header having me crop the image?
    2. why is the quality different? the customer header uploaded crop looks cleaner where the media library looks pixalated?

    the image was created in Illustrator and saved as a High Quality jpg

    Any insight is appreciated

    The blog I need help with is


    If the original is 500×160, the cropper shouldn’t come into play. Please upload the original via Media > Add New, copy the file URL and paste it here so we can check it.



    hello panaghiotisadam

    i did both of those things as I stated above and provided the links to the items

    uploaded via the custom header

    and the same image but uploaded through the media library

    thanks its so strange – maybe im missing something obvious


    Oops – you pasted the same URL twice!
    And oops – I didn’t notice that in your first post you had provided the URL I wanted!
    I tried your image in my test blog, and it was uploaded at once, no cropping. What browser and version are you using?



    opps sorry

    wow you uploaded the original in the cutomer header and it didnt make you crop?

    Weird – I can’t recall – Im at work now and on firefox but at home I may have been on Chrome, or firefox or even safari.

    from my links do you see the quality difference in the image? Does anything come to mind that might explain that?

    thanks Ill test from different browsers uploading and see if results are different but still odd


    Yes I can see the differences: the one is pixelated, the other is blurred (both bad). I guess this has to do with the way you created the image in Illustrator, but I’m afraid I can’t say something more ingenious: I’ve got no experience with this application.



    its so weird the image looks perfect in illustrator

    and why the same image uploaded 2 different ways looks different makes little sense

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