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    Since the old issues are *mostly* gone, I decided to start this new thread to cover the remains of what I had posted at

    I’m trying to deal with how the San Kloud theme uses different coding to create pages that end up looking identical.

    And so, these are the problems I’m still trying to iron out before my custom design trial ends. (Obviously, I’m not going to pay money to continue an upgrade if i can’t get a functional blog with it…)

    On the monthly archives and category archive pages:

    1- The top piece of my text box is still clipped on the right. Doing an “overflow: visible; width: 100%” fixed the other images but not the top one. Comparing the top image to the middle one, the top seems disproportionately larger; those two images fit together fine on the home page. Since it probably matters, reducing the min-height for the top piece changes nothing.

    2- The text and headline is too far left (and their CSS element name matches the text and headline on the home page, which looks fine. I’m not sure how to shift the text on these pages only.

    3- The text boxes for the individual posts overlap. Again, this wasn’t an issue on the home page.

    On the About page, item #1 from above also applies. Also:

    1- The text is too wide. Again, the element name matches what’s on the home page and the home page doesn’t need changing.

    2- The center background image didn’t scroll far enough to contain the comment box. I know how to move the comment box up, if needed, but the like box/share buttons have the same CSS element name as on the home page… which again doesn’t need changing.

    3- A gap appears between the top and center background images. I don’t know how to fix that on the About page only.

    As always, I’ll keep trying to find solutions as I await a response. And, of course, thanks for whatever help might come.

    The blog I need help with is


    This post appears to be a duplicate, and is also quite long!

    I’ve started answering your questions on another thread and I think we should stick to that one instead of have two going at the same time, please see

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