Sanbox HTML?! Possible? PLease help

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    So major newbie at this and really hoping one of you lovely experts can help ease the frustration!
    I’m trying to customize a blog completely using the sandbox theme (of I came across this via who uses the theme (see bottom of web page).

    However, am getting thoroughly confused. As a test i copied the code for and put it in the Edit CSS box to see if it would replicate the site as my blog. It didnt do anything. I presume this is because it states it strips HTML, but then how does use HTML and the same theme as me? How do you add backgrounds and links and images with HTML (as per indiefixx) when it only allows CSS?

    Sorry if this isnt making much sense, just after an hour of playing i cant quite fathom how you’re supposed to customize Sanbox and im getting it in a strop!

    Any help at all would be really appreciated,

    Many thanks,


    The blog I need help with is



    If your blog’s hosted by, you cannot edit any theme’s HTML. CSS is possible but you need a CSS upgrade first.



    That’s correct but let me add that we cannot edit either the HTML or the php in the underlying templates. that means we cannot alter theme functionality at all by purchasing a CSS editing upgrade. We can only edit appearance by editing the CSS stylesheet.

    There is no Staff support for CSS editing. There is only 1 volunteer who will help when he has the time. Therefore the upgrade is not recommended for those who do not have CSS editing experience and who cannot work independently.



    Hello again,
    Let me be clear about this. The versions of the themes originally coded to run on wordpress.ORG software that are here at > Appearance > Themes have all been adapted to run on this multiuser blogging platform. All CSS editing here is “theme specific” to the versions of themes running here.

    You must use Sandbox 1.6.1 found here > Appearance > Themes
    Also note this please



    You can’t paste HTML into the CSS Editor – it’s meant for CSS only. And like TF said, you can only change the appearance of it. is also running the software, and does not appear to be hosted on You can ADD HTML to a post and sidebar, and then position it – but you can not change any existing code unless its in a post.

    I’m not trying to brag, but I’m also fairly advanced at CSS, and help out here when I can.



    I don’t think this blogger comprehends that the underlying templates on this wpMU (wordpress multiuser) blogging platform are all shared by the bloggers who are using the same theme. If he/she did then he would understand why we cannot access or edit the HTML and php. If we could then whatever was changed would affect all other blogs using the same theme.

    Thanks for clarifying what can and what cannot be done and for helping when you are available.

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