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    I had a quick question about the new sandbox–I noticed that the new version does NOT have an underlying 3-column option to select the way the old one does.
    This means, I’m guessing, that I will need to add that to any layout?

    (although, less CSS to deal with in terms of changing around, so not a bad thing–just a different thing.



    Ok, let me try this again, since no one has answered in several weeks.

    this post:
    “Sandbox” is the old Sandbox 0.61 version. “Sandbox-10” is the new 1.0 version.”

    Here’s the thing–the old version has multiple options for you to select from–2 and 3 column. It has it’s own 3 column CSS built in, that you put stuff on top of.

    The new (10) Sandbox doesn’t have that–it’s just the plain sandbox with no columns set up. My question was: Do I have to add to my CSS all the 3 column stuff to make it work with 10? I suspect I will, but wanted to see if anyone else had done the switch.



    Yes, you do. I’d just grab the positioning CSS from SVN and copy/paste it at the top of your existing style.

    There are a couple of other differences between 0.61 and 1.0, mainly in the handling of the top menu, but it shouldn’t take too long to update.



    Thanks Wank! At least I have a Christmas project now :)

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