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Sandbox 1.6.1 3-Column

  1. New at WordPress and testing. I like the theme for flexibility, flex-width, and thought it could easily convert to 3-column like Sandbox 0.6.1 using skin. Which is easier: to get 0.6.1 3-column skin and add menu bar OR to change 1.6.1 to 3-column? I prefer latter, but cannot find a good CSS support article for that. I would appreciate anyone's expertise.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    I'm no CSS expert so I'll simply flag this thread and our Moderators will move it to the CSS customization forum.

    The Volunteer who helps with CSS lately is devblog and he request that those he helps read this post

    Please be patient while waiting for him to find the thread and respond to it.

  3. This thread is now merged with the CSS forum.

  4. Thanks t3ck :)

  5. Your welcome TT,

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