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    I use Sandbox 1.6.2 and expect flexible-width for tollbar and post area. In fact

    • toolbar sometimes overlaped by post area;
    • post area always force my browser to make horizontal scroll element.

    Could anyone tell me where I can adjust these setings?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    We cannot provide an accurate answer to your question until you post an active link to the blog in question starting with http://
    Id this the blog in question or not?
    If it is then do you have the CSS editing upgrade and have you done any CSS editing on the theme?



    Correct. There is my blog. I do not have access to CSS editing.
    I just need flexible-width. According to the theme description, sandbox promise to give me that. But he don’t in fact. :-I



    Theme Staff monitor these threads in the Themes Forum and after the weekend is over I expect that they they will reply to you.



    Maybe it is not a bug, but feature, which one I did not understand yesterady. After scrolling complete, post area will ideally accommodate to browser resolution.


    Sandbox is really not meant to be used without the CSS editing because it has no CSS to speak of (only a minimum necessary to allow the theme some basic shape). It is meant as a blank canvas to build a site on with CSS.

    May I suggest that you go to and click on “explore themes” and then use the feature filter to filter for flexible width themes. There are 13 themes here that are flexible width (excluding premium and Sandbox). Perhaps one of them would work for you.

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