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    Hello and thank you in advancce for your help,

    We are thinking of moving our traditional website to and have a couple of questions.

    We will probably want to try and recreate the new web design we had been working so it seems to me I will need to use either the Sandbox or Toolbox theme (with CSS customization). Do either of those allow you to have a different design for the home page and interior pages? Ideally we would have three distinct page styles on our site, is this possible on or would we need to go through

    One of the reasons we are looking to move to is so people with no html and web hosting experience can update content. Is it safe to assume, that once the design has been set and pages created, content updating is as easy in Sandbox or Toolbox as is it in the other themes?

    Finally, and I suspect you can’t really answer this, what can’t do? Other than modify PHP and some limits on Javascript I wasn’t able to find much about this. Is flask ok? Java? Can you upload any type of files (exe for example)? Is there a limit on file size (I see you can purchase additional storage space but is there a limit on the size of the files themselves)? Have you wanted to do something on WordPress that you just were not able to do?

    Thank you


    Toolbox is definitely going to be the most flexible. Sandbox is no longer in development, and things are quickly passing it by.

    Yes you can design the pages differently, either by page type (page, archive, home, etc.) or by specific page ID if you need that level of control. It is a good chunk of work, but it can be done.

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