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Sandbox: Announcement of Changes ...

  1. Hi,

    I'm currently in development of my custom css and became really frustrated as Sandbox' text on .comment-link has changed (Instead of 'Comments (0)', the current version of Sandbox displays 'Leave a comment').

    While I assume it is impossible to return the previous version, I would encourage some kind of announcement of changes to themes and prevent lots of headaches.

    Any plans to keep track?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Let's say that the track record on announcements is more retroactive than proactive.

  3. Announcements would be good, but I think "Leave a Comment" is an upgrade in this case.

  4. I actually like the leave a comment thing. Before some friends and i were doing it with a link to it... But i dont think that they will downgrade it...

  5. you never know, they changed the search widget in sandbox and then returned it to it's original look. I don't like the change, but from the looks of it, after someone makes a comment it changes from "leave a comment" to "(1) comments", so I'm content. But, I agree that there should be announcements, because when the search widget was changed, I didn't know for a while and then after I changed the css, they changed widget again, there should definitely be announcements on whats going on.

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