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    1. About Sandbox, if you choose to add the widget “category” or “calendar” when you click them, you get the posts related to the category or to the chosen day, however it gives only summaries…

    a. Why not showing full posts and summaries only if the user has filled the excerpts field ?
    b. Or at least give the user the possibility to choose full post or summary with radio buttons as an option for the category and calendar widget ?
    c. One solution would be to copy/paste all my posts into the excerpts field but it’s blowing away the whole concept of it !!! And it’s really not viable long term…
    d. Does anyone have a better idea to hack this ? :]

    2. Also when on the result page when choosing a category the title shows Category Archives: “and only here the title of your category !”, why this Category Archives ? It’s no archives it is the results of a category which they even let you rename ! (instead of Category you can all it Diary for example).

    a. Why not deleting this “Category Archives” that doesn’t serve anyone and only leave the real title ?
    b. At least taking the name that has been attributed instead of Category (but still get rid of Archives) !
    c. Again, does anyone have any idea to hack this ? :]

    I know I could use my own hosting and modify the php as I please but I want to try the .com further (for an eventual clients solution), also I’ve already paid the 1 year to have my custom CSS…

    I have chosen Sandbox thinking it was the most flexible…

    Please, someone can help ?

    Thanks in advance ! :]


    The blog I need help with is


    1 & 1a. That is the way Sandbox was designed by the authors. It was their choice. They could have show full posts or excerpts, or even just the post titles and no content at all. They chose excerpts.

    1b. WordPress for the most part uses themes that are designed by theme designers that are not part of wordpress, and they stick very closely to the original theme designer’s intent. Basically they only make the changes necessary for the theme to support the unique features here and to take care of any security issues that they might find.

    1c. This is the only solution.

    1d. See 1c above.

    2. Theme designer’s choice. See 1b above.

    2a. Sandbox has no CSS, so that means you have to have the CSS upgrade to do much of anything with it. With the CSS upgrade, you can hide that title on the categories pages.

    2b. See 1b.

    2c. See 2a.


    You might want to take a look at Toolbox, which is the replacement for Sandbox which is no longer in active development.



    Greetings Sacredpath,

    Thank you for your time and your answers !

    I was fearing those answers but well I’m gonna deal with them and yes I will have a look at toolbox and see what are the possibilities with it !

    Sandbox does have a minimalist CSS and yes I have the CSS upgrade or it would have been odd to choose Sandbox without it right ? :]

    This is what I’ve been able to do with it so far…

    Thanks again for your time !!! :]

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