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Sandbox contest entries converted to

  1. I've just finished porting the last of my three Sandbox contest styles to All are now available at

    Before I move on to new skins, does anyone have a skin or theme they'd like to see converted to a copy/paste Sandbox stylesheet?

  2. this is very cool! I am very tempted to try tweaking Diurnal, but I am supposed to be working, not playing with CSS.

    Thank you very much.

  3. Thanks, Wank!

    Do you want to upgrade my skin? It is based on Biology after all ;-p

  4. I've got mine finished as well. I'm also assembling a list of sandbox-10 skins.

    Next we'll have to lean on engtech to get his up ;)

  5. How about the Regulus theme?

  6. I was thinking more along the lines of themes that aren't already available on ;)

  7. Trident :)

  8. I'll second Trident. ;)

  9. I finally found Trident on the web and it's quite nice. I'd like that as well.

  10. @tsp
    Which link did you find it at?

  11. Well it was a chore to find and I ended up having to modify a link found on the web to get to it (it was incorrect), but it's here: it's near the bottom of the page.

    I have it downloaded to my desktop.

  12. ilovemyredhead

    Promised Land would be awesome as copy/paste stylesheet.

  13. sunburntkamel says above that he has finished and the download link for Promised Land is here

  14. All of a sudden, I'm getting an itch to get the CSS upgrade. Nice work, wank!

  15. sorry, i should have linked myself. all of the themes i've done are available here. They're slightly tweaked from the one TT linked, to accomodate the blue bar and such.

  16. Trident is good :) And Vesuvius :) Thanks folks.

  17. @athhe404
    Where can we find Vesuvius, please?

  18. trident's (and classic's) structure varies substantially from sandbox, in ways that aren't reconcilable without altering the CSS substantially. There's certainly value in putting together some basic layouts for sandbox, with faux columns and whatnot, but CSS best practices as well as semantic markup standards have improved since the days of wordpress 1.2 :)

  19. Agreed. And Sandbox comes with a 3 column option built in I think. WW is after ideas for skins or styles really - not layouts.

  20. the layouts can be copied from here. they're all fluid width (taking up the whole screen) to start with. you can set a fixed width easily using body.wordpress div#wrapper { width: 780px; }

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