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    Hey there!

    I just wanted to ask, if I could have the’s sandbox french theme.

    Because, I just dont know how to translate it… I tried many things, looked up at google, without success. So Thanks!



    When you change the localization of your blog in your Admin => Options => Language, does it change the theme for you to the right translation? If not, then maybe send a feedback to the Staff through:

    1) Feedback in Admin
    2) Support tab in this forum
    3) support at wordpress dot com email

    As well, did you do a search for this over in the french forums?




    Are you talking about for your own blog site hosted elsewhere or for trying to get the theme here translated? I’m a bit lost here.

    But yet. I did have coffee this morning. It’s still early in teh month and I have some cash. :)

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