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    I have just moved our blog from Blogger to and would like to replicate the layout we had on Blogger as closely as possible. From my research so far, it seems that the Sandbox theme offers the most customization and might be the right choice. In the tags for sandbox, it has “right side-bar” yet the theme only appears with a left side-bar. Is this something I would be able to change via CSS? Do I need to purchase Custom CSS or append my CSS to the existing style sheet?

    We previously had a large header that includes graphical navigation and an image and logo (see Is there a way to customize Sandbox to include such a header?

    Thanks for any help or pointers in the right direction.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    Here is the link to a post that those who are beginning CSS editing on blogs bebefit from reading >

    CSS editing will allow you to stylize the appearance any of the themes you find here > Appearance > Themes, but it does not allow you to change the functionality, by editing the underlying template. Also note that CSS is theme specific, so you cannot use the CSS stylesheets from other themes with the themes here at

    Since there is no official Staff support for the CSS upgrade, and precious little volunteer support you must be prepared to do the work on your own. Eventually one of the 2 volunteers who do help with CSS will log in, find this thread and lend a hand. Until then you will have to be patient.

    As you are considering purchasing the upgrade, and as you do not know if what you wish to do can be accomplished by CSS editing you may be interested to know that here > Appearance > Edit CSS is where wordpress has provided a preview function so you can try before you buy.



    As you are a blogspot blogger you may not be aware of the restrictions here at, so just in case these do impact your plans for your blog I’m posting the relevant support links for you.
    types of blogs allowed and not allowed at

    I have also noticed that you have published duplicate entries on your blogspot and blogs and that’s an indication that you may not be aware that Google frowns on duplicate content and may penalize the original blog the posts were published on. The reasons for this is clear. Search engines endeavor to produce the most relevant results in search results. Duplication leads to pollution and dilution of search results and when duplication is detected Google will have to determine which blog to attribute authority to. If they decide that you are duplicating content in order to game search engine results they can and will penalize.



    Lastly, as I have now examined both your blogspot blog and blog I suggest that you may wish to make the other wordpress choice. Please see this support entry to comprehend the differences between the two choices >


    Thanks much for your quick reply and useful resource links. I have been researching most of the morning and learned quite a lot. I now understand that WP themes would not allow the level of customizing that we would need to do to replicate our blogspot layout. The duplication in blog entries is due to today’s migration; one blog would indeed need to be deleted. I was trying to figure out if WP would be viable for us before making that decision. I do not wish to maintain the other WP choice.

    You have been very helpful in clearing up a few key points. I shall save the beauty of WP for my personal website.

    Thanks again,



    I also have a blogspot blog so I that’s why I twigged to the fact that you probably didn’t know what the limitations are when it comes to blogging on a blog ie. on a multiuser blogging platform. In addition to the limitations I linked to above there are code restrictions as well. You will find them here >

    You’re welcome and best wishes for happy blogging. :)

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