Sandbox Theme. Do I have to Upgrade to use the CSS?

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    I’m not happy with the Annotum theme at the moment. It has some serious flaws, but it is also a great format for creating articles. I need something that I can visually see working with my content and Annotum doesn’t do it unless I can edit the CSS. This would mean me upgrading. I don’t think that it is possible to do at this time. So I thought I’d switch to the Sandbox theme. But I cannot use the CSS without upgrading. I’d have thought that the CSS would be available on the Sandbox theme. It isn’t. :(

    The blog I need help with is


    Yes, you would have to have the Custom Design upgrade to edit the CSS on any theme here.



    I’m stumped. Maybe WordPress is not for me.


    Well, you can look around and see what you can find. As far as free sites to host your content, there aren’t that many. Basically blogger, and they would be woefully inadequate for your type of content.

    You could self-host a wordpress installation, but that is going to run you $10 to $25 per month typically when you include all expenses. I’m using A Small Orange web hosting, and they have a “Tiny” Shared Hosting package that might well do you and it is $25 per year. $10 more per year if you do not have your own domain name, but that is still a pretty good deal. I can highly recommend A Small Orange. I’ve been with them now for just over 4 years and have virtually no complaints. Their tech support is phenomenal.



    I’ve looked around and, true, I can’t find any free sites to host that compares to WordPress. WP is so easy to use. I’ve used a few interfaces/editors from other free web hosting sites and they are either cumbersome, complex or just unnecessary.

    I would have thought that the sandbox theme would have come with free CSS. I might just stick with Annotum afterall, but the team here need to get onto the bugs in it – which they are doing but not fast enough for me.

    I’m not ready to pay just yet. I’m quite willing to pay WP when the time comes, but not yet.



    There are over 150 free themes, have you looked through all of them?

    Sandbox is free but the CSS is not and is tied to a site, so once you have the CSS upgrade you can work with any theme you want. Since WordPress.COM makes a bit of money off the CSS upgrade it would be nuts to package if for free with a free theme, just my $ 0.035 cents adjusted for inflation.



    Sandbox is not really a theme though. There’s no default graphics; it’s just text.



    You should be able to add images to Sandbox but they need to be added with the CSS.

    Try a Google search on Sandbox and WordPress.COM and see what happens – I don’t do CSS but I have seen reference to people doing wild things with the CSS and Sandbox.


    Sandbox is a theme. It has all the functionality of a wordpress theme and can be used just as it is (in fact I’ve seen a number of people that wanted the “retro” look that did just that). What is missing is styling. It is simply a blank canvas provided for those that want to CSS their sites from scratch instead of trying to adapt an already styled theme.

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