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    Does anyone know where I can get skins for the Sandbox Theme?

    The blog I need help with is


    Moderator have a look at that thread, but be forewarned that the version of Sandbox they refer to may be quite different than the one presently available.



    GREAT! Thanks so much Jennifer!


    +1 thanks for the link @justjennifer! @pammie1412, what a great question! I tried out a few linked in those threads and most of them didn’t work. Aww. Makes sense though, some of the threads I was looking at were up to 6 years old! I’ve actually always really loved the Bus Full of Hippies theme—the name caught my attention originally. It’s probably my favorite theme name because it’s so random. :) But what I really loved about it was the flower graphic that spilled over the edges of the top columns. I just love it.

    Your question got me to thinking about how many completely awesome themes there could be out there! And now I’m going to keep thinking about it… and how we can help and encourage each other in creating CSS-only themes.

    The following sandbox type themes are currently available on right now:

    * Sandbox 0.6.1
    * Sandbox 1.1
    * Sandbox 1.6.1
    * Sandbox 1.6.2
    * Toolbox

    I’ll look around some more myself to see what I else I can find. In the mean time, if you guys know of any recent ones, let me know!

    I’ll look around some more to see what I else I can find. In the mean time, if you guys find any recent ones, let me know! Also, what do you think about a contest? A gallery? Some other way to recognize excellent CSS themes?

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