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Sandbox Unsleepable

  1. unfortunately, the order of title-post-meta is part of the template itself. you'd have to convince scott and andy that it's more semantically valid to have the meta near the title.

    you could, however, put the meta to the left or right of the post relatively easily.

    .entry-content {<br /> width: 75%;<br /> }<br /> .entry-meta {<br /> width:25%;<br /> float: left;<br /> }<br />

    should get you started.

  2. thanks for helping

  3. Hi, I would like to change the font of the posts (entries), I prefer Georgia font I use on Cutline theme, how can I do it?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. just add
    font-family:Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;<br />
    to whatever section you want to see it in. for example,
    .entry-content {<br /> font-family:Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;<br /> }

  5. In Firefox the widgets in the bottom sidebar are either all on top of each other or shifted over to the right. In IE, it isn't a problem. I'm sure you've covered how to fix it elsewhere, but I can't find it. Is there a way?

  6. the only thing i can say about that is that it matters very much where you put each widget. the widgets wrap back based on which one is the tallest.

    i see that you're using the calendar, which has an empty title. i _think_ if you move the calendar, or add a title to it, it should right itself. but i don't remember.

  7. Hi!
    I have made so many changes in this theme with sandbox and css so it even doesn't look like unsleepable.
    you can see it at
    sunburntkamel thanks for advices in css forum, without them I would not be able to do this.

  8. looks great!
    glad i could help :D

  9. Hi,

    Is it possible to adopt the theme in the sandbox with "3 column" way...?

    Or is it possible to change the position of the sidebar at to bottom to the left..

    I need two sidebars :) one left, on right...

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