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Sandbox update?

  1. Since feedback is currently unavailable and the 'contact support' page is out of action, my one forlorn hope is to try asking here: now that the Sandbox design competition has closed, are there any plans to update the version in use here?

    Basically, I need to know whether I should start updating the 0.6 styles to work with the current release of Sandbox, or backporting my competition entries to 0.6. Either is fine. I'd just like to know where I stand.

  2. Why on earth does this have a modlook tag on it?

  3. since, you know, mods are the only ones who can fix this sort of thing ;)

    indeed, while I and engtech will probably take the effort to port our designs to work on the (aging) 0.6.1 sandbox structure, it would be a shame for users to miss out on the rest of the designs.

  4. @SBK
    Indeed and may I ask where can we see them please?

  5. live previews go up on august 2nd, but there's a screenshot thread here

  6. Walk in the Shadows looks really nice

  7. I see three that I think are quite nice. More to the point -> it seems that wank's original question has yet to be answered.

    There is an update on judging here

  8. Well, if they can't be bothered to answer the question it's highly unlikely that they'll bother to update the theme, so it seems best to start backporting stuff to 0.6.

    I think Matt is probably hanging on for the 1.0 release before he thinks about whether it's worth upgrading or not, but it would be nice to know they were pursuing a wait-and-see policy rather than having to second-guess their intentions the whole time.

  9. Is this a matter of urgency or could you wait a little longer before putting work into it?

  10. I probably will wait a bit, but I'm so prone to procrastination anyway, the last thing I need is more excuses to put things off. :)

  11. Does anyone have an update on this yet? Is the judging over? If so, which designers were the winners and where can we see the winning designs?

  12. Results have been delayed for 24 hours because some of the judges didn't understand when the deadline was. Or what a deadline is. Or something.

  13. o.O ...

  14. The competition results are out. And, the 3 column, masculine, business orientated blue/white/gray theme with the big blue header was considered to be "the winner". Sheesh ... why am I not surprised? { rolling eyes }

  15. It is kinda odd that people keep leaning toward blue. I changed my theme out because I realized it looked like all the others people were using. I like the green and khaki. It coordinates with my car. LOL.

    Now if only WordPress would add one like it, except with three columns so I can put the category/tag listing in one.

  16. Blue is the world over considered to be "the favourite colour". And it's a cold colour that suggests neutrality, sky and water. My point was that "the winner" was predictable.

  17. With only three female judges out of eleven, probably inevitable.

    Andy says on his blog today that the update will happen 'very soon', but not how soon 'very soon' actually is.

  18. Well, it's good to hear that the Sandbox update is in the works. Thanks for sharing that information.

  19. i like

    tiffany blue
    walk in the shadows
    the blue butterfly

    but i don't get takimata?

    and i don't get the first place winner. it looks pretty simple to me. and why do some of the css designs look almost the same as the other?

  20. apparently robert cooked up takimata in only a couple days. it's more of an experiment, a challenge to other designers to reconsider what a blog is.

  21. It's interesting, I guess. Maybe there will be a following heralding it's neutrality. At least it isn't and doesn't have a big blue header. ;)

  22. I vote for the Sakeena -- cleanest and balanced, nice typography (except for serif face in sidebar headings; perhaps, if they were sitting on a rule aligned with a baseline, I'd love them more).

  23. I hope they do update this. The contest produced a lot of nice designs.

    I liked Moo-Paint the best. Clean, neat and organized.

  24. I would have chosen Sakeena, Promised Land and Walk in the Shadows and Tiffany Blue as my top 4.

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