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Sandbox: versions? Change pre-ordained text?

  1. Hi folks:

    Could someone straighten me out on a couple of Sandbox-related topics (or point to sandbox docs)?

    1. "Sandbox" vs "Sandbox 10". Which on is the more up-to-date? I naively assumed that "ten" must be newer than "blank", but maybe "10" actually means one-point-zero, and the blank one is newer.

    2. Sandbox inserts some pre-ordained blobs of text, particularly in the "entry-meta" div, "This entry was written by"... "posted on"... "filed under" etc etc. is there some facility to change these blurbs?

    Thanks, Graham

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1. I'm pretty sure that Sandbox 10 is the newer one.
    2. No. They are part of the underlying code of the blog that cannot be altered by CSS.

  3. Yes, 10 is newer. It is actually 1.0 while the other one is .61

  4. yeah, and definitely use sandbox 10 its much better for some reason and I still haven't figured out why...

  5. One of the biggest differences between the two is the horizontal menu, which is already in the 1.0 version while the .61 version requires tweaking. I haven't been able to get my blog to look the way I want it in 1.0, which is why I have stayed with .61.

  6. it took a little while but I was able to do it. My biggest problem was that in the .61 version I managed to get a drop down menu on the navigation menu so going into the 1.0 version I really didn't need most of the stuff that I added in my CSS anymore so I had to do a lot of cleaning up. Also when I switched for some reason my right sidebar went to the left so I had to change some margins and properties which I though was weird. But I like it

  7. I have worked at it for a while but I ultimately gave up. (My biggest issue was that I couldn't use the home link trick in a page title - it wouldn't line up in the menu.)

    As long as I can tinker with .61, I'm OK.

  8. OK, thanks for all replies, that was a help.

    On this though from rosclarke: "No. They are part of the underlying code of the blog that cannot be altered by CSS."

    Right -- I'm aware that modifying text from CSS (eg: using :before or :after) is not supported on all browsers. However, I was hoping that some setting somewhere supported changing those texts, for example for internationalization, and I could take advantage of that. Or does it turn out that for all its merits, Sandbox is English-only?

    Hmmmm [...scratching head, chin, etc...]

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