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sanjidabd's code collecting thread 2

  1. (1) I see your post at Techorati: " is a Godsend for wordpress .com bloggers. This site will automatically generate all the tags you could wish for and even more! And that too in two easy steps! First of all, you have to enter a word and in the second step choose Technorati or some other seacrh engine and the tag for that site will be automatically generated..."

    I was not specifically referring to Keotags. A google search produces many Technorati tag generators

    (2) I have used tags and I have also chosen not to tag at all. The results were identical. Technorati and Google spiders pick up the key words and the categories from blogs easily.

    Moreover, built in tagging on blogs is just around the corner so I wouldn't get too hyped about recommending 3rd party applications to bloggers as whatever you recommend now will soon be redundant.

    (3) Technorati tag generators are features found in Windows Live Writer and in BlogDesk. The use of these off-line editors has many advantages including the back-up aspect of having a duplicate of every post made to your blog.

    (4) The social bookmarks code being used for example on raincoaster's blog can be obtained from sunburntkamel's blog.
    I'm not bothering to use it on my blog here right now. I will be using Alex King's on my install hosted elsewhere.

    (5) I gave bloggersblurt to raincoaster weeks ago

  2. (6) Also note that Lorelle has a tagging system that's also worth looking into if you intend to write a post on this subject

  3. TT,

    why are you posting this here instead of in a comment on the blogger's post?

  4. TT,

    WHY ON EARTH did you name this post "sanjidabd's code collecting thread2" ? please give me a very sound reason, bcos it doesn't at all go with the things you discussed under the title.

    and about your points

    1. thanks for answering my question in a different thread that you are not referring to keotags. why you didn't answer it in that thread or anything in my blog remains a mystery.

    2. good to know your view on tags.

    3. good to know that

    4. i know. they don't suit me. that's all.

    5. i'm happy that blog is in good care!


    thanks for asking that!
    you know i personally said to tt she is always welcome to comment in my blog. i said my readers will benefit. but she prefers not to do that. i have some theories as to why she is doing it in this manner.......but since they are only assumptions, i will keep them to myself.

  5. 6. i did, before i wrote the post. and my post has a link to it.

  6. I use tags as a category system for my visitors so they can find things. I noticed every myspace layout site has categories like a table of contents. I Googled about tags and categories and came across Lorelle's blog and asked her a few questions. Now I noticed we have two category widgets. I was thinking of one widget for layouts and the other for my myspace comments. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to yet.

  7. @sanjidabd, judyb12 and anyone else who thinks this thread is their concern

    First code thread -
    sanjidabd posted 4 posts into the "what did you post in your blog today"
    They weren't properly placed and were dialog directed at myself so I started a new second code thread (this one) to respond to him/her here and help him/her with her blogging here rather than in the blog.

    As this is my thread and as there has been no troll-like behaviour in this thread I'm wondering who thought it needed a modlook tag. Modlook tags are not used in this way and once one goes up on a post volunteers are not supposed to post anything into it.

    I'm simply asking staff to have it closed now.

  8. @sanjidabd, judyb12 and anyone else who thinks this thread is their concern

    Excuse me? You posted a response to a blogger's post in a public forum with no preamble or explanation. I think that warrants my question.

    As this is my thread and as there has been no troll-like behaviour in this thread

    Frankly, TT, some people would see this entire thread as troll-like behavior, and i'm a little disappointed in you that you bothered to start it at all.

  9. @judyb12,
    you know, i am completely with you on this. and believe it or not, when i first saw this post, i thought to myself, "if iwere a moderator i would have modlooked it".

    {shaking head}

    They weren't properly placed and were dialog directed at myself

    where would it have been proper to place the four entries? those were my new entries and that thread is for people who want to promote what they posted that day. so why would you think and say they were not properly placed? pleeeeeeeese explain. pretty please

    my posts were not dialog-directed at you. it is YOU who started to do it in the dialog-form, starting with @sanjidabd. were you expecting me not to do @titmethief in reply to your feedbacks directed at me? if you don't want me to converse with you, please don't start a feedback with @sanjidabd. cos if i have a reason to talk i will. and i had plenty.

  10. @Trent or Staff
    I would like you to close this thread please.

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