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    Hi, just bought the CSS extra thinking I’d mod my blog.

    I like Sapphire for the most part. But would like to change the background to black as opposed to the deep dark blue image that’s there now. However, I see in viewing the source of my home page that the IMAGE CSS is not part of the theme. It’s actually part of the index.php file (which I can’t mod myself).

    I’m kinda risk averse and don’t want to bork my blog. Worked too hard to get it where it is. Will my body { background: url change in the css file override what’s in the index.php file?

    Thanks in advance for the help that’s coming…



    Yes it will. But the blue bg is not in the index anyway. Youll be fine.



    404… thanks for the reply. I’ve found Martine’s css code for Sapphire. Modded it and pasted it into the custom CSS field, specified start from scratch and it seems the bg is hard coded into the style (seems to suggest so in the comments of the index page anyway).

    Would love to know how to not have the sapphirebg.jpg file as the bg img.

    Again, appreciate the help that’s bound to come along.



    Try this:

    html, body{background: #000 url() !important;}

    Notice that the url() property is empty. This is not very nice but it’ll get the job done.

    By leaving the url() empty, the CSS won’t find any image applying only the background color (#000), hence, giving you the effect you want.


    P.S. Forgot to mention, the !important rule will force the browser to use your style.




    body {background: #000}

    would work. If it did it would be more elegant.

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