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Sapphire flaw: My posts appear under my name and not my nickname

  1. When I try to use the Sapphire template, my posts appear under my name and not under my nickname which is the one I want to use and which appears when I use any other template. How do I make sure my posts appear under my nickname if I use Sapphire? I would like to use it because it looks neat and I could use a custom header image. Please help

  2. Please use the feedback button on the top right hand side of your dashboard to contact staff about this.

  3. A Custom header image and Sapphire shouldn't make any difference.

    What do you have set under "User -> Your Profile -> Nickname" and "User -> Your Profile -> Display Name Publicly As"?

    Don't forget that if you change the nickname you'll need to "Update Profile" before you can select the "Display Name Publicly As".

    Collin (not stalking Timethief, I promise!)

  4. I think Sapphire forces the display of the name. IIRC all of Michael (I forget his last name)'s themes do that.

  5. Thank you drmike, I think you are right. I just wish he worked on correcting it.

  6. He's retired from theme designing IIRC. At least he was last time I checked.

    Best bet would be to send in a feedback. Staff has requested reporting of theme bugs via feedbacks. They might not see it as one though.

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