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  1. Just a minor detail. Under each new post there is a 'by...'located but it doesn't show my details. If I understand this write it should display my sign in name, dmosbon after the 'by'.

    Could support look this over, ta very much ;)

  2. damn my English...should read right not write!

  3. I just switched my test blog to Sapphire and my name shows up after "by." It may be that yours is not set. Go to users > authors & users and check the pulldown at the bottom of the "name" pane on the left and select the name as you want it to appear.

  4. Thanks I had left out my First & last names in profile!

  5. There are two others with the same problem. I am one of them. I'll fetch the link.

  6. Yay! This was resolved see the link in the post immediately above this post.

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