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sapphire theme bug?

  1. stayingfoolish

    i'm quite surprised nothing's posted about it yet, but in the Sapphire theme the author name doesn't seem to appear. All I get is something like "Posted January 25th, 2006 by" and then a line break, and then it's already the "Categories: ... "

  2. The folks at WordPress probably aware of this issue. The Sapphire theme was pulled and it is no longer available for selection. I kinda of like this theme as it looks nice on my iBook.

  3. what are you talking about? the author name appears just fine on my blog

    and its still available for selection in the themes section!!

  4. I use sapphire themes with side widgets modificated, but place to search on my blog is not appear. why....? can you help me suppose it appear? my blog

  5. @urip
    I have no idea what you mean by modificated side widgets. Widgets do not just "appear" in sidebars bloggers must place them there and in some cases must also configure them. I just used my test blog in the Sapphire theme and had no problem at all with dragging and dropping the search widget into the sidebar. Perhaps this will help you

  6. @timethief
    Oh..i'm sorry, i mean why my search engine (usually appear at right top corner under header like on your blog)on my blog with "sapphire themes" not appear like sample?

  7. I'm sorry to say that I do not understand you and cannot isolate what it is that you need help with. You will have to wait until someone else comes along... sorry...

  8. I think urip meant was the "search" bar is not appearing on the right side of his blog, TT. :)

    Urip, you can check your Presentation - Sidebar Widget - and drag "Search" to the top and save.

    **I am not sure if the Sapphire Theme has this kind of option?

  9. knoizki...u right. I not chek it before on sidebar widgets. and now i can drag and drop it to sidebar.

  10. That sounds good. :)

  11. urip, I am happy that your problem is problem. Please consider starting a new discussion next time, because your problem was very different than the original problem here.

  12. I'm having the same problem with the author name not appearing in my posts using Sapphire. Are the staff aware of this? Seems like it should be easy to fix.

  13. reedbeta - it's not a problem.
    That theme author chose to not use the nickname. Complete the boxes above that and the name will show. What you choose to put in them is up to you.

    It isn't a bug.

  14. If you click Micheal Martine's link at the bottom of the Sapphire theme you will arrive in his blog as he is the theme designer. If you type "Sapphire" into the searchbox on his blog you will find a clear statement:

    One thing you should know about Sapphire: you need to enter a first and last name in the appropriate fields in your WordPress user options (or at least a first name), otherwise the bylines for posts will appear to be authorless. If your blog is self-hosted and not a free host (, you are free to modify the template however you see fit.

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