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    I like the Sapphire theme very much but my blog’s home page,, and all its individual post pages, have this little cluster of what look like unloaded images – you know, like little boxes with ‘x’s in them, and it’s really annoying! What is causing this problem?

    It happens in Firefox 3 and IE7, although in Firefox the cluster of faulty images disappears once the page has completely loaded while in IE they stay there.


    All of them seem to have the same image address, which is: http://polarrose2/content/rose_icon-small-orange.png .

    This indicates to me that the images are something you have inserted either into the CSS, or somehow into the blog.


    Interestingly for me, they show up as broken links in Safari 3.1.2, but not in FF


    My activity menu in Safari indicates it cannot find the host. If I search on Google, I can find, but not



    I have Polar Rose 0.55.9 installed as an add-on for my version of Firefox. Initially I thought it was an artifact of that program running on my browser, visible only to me, until I tried IE on a different machine and found the same broken images.

    Perhaps those things have appeared as a consequence of uploading images to the blog while running Polar Rose ..? It’s weird that they appear outside of the content section of the blog. I’ll be sending an enquiry to the Polar Rose forums about this.

    Thank you for your response, thesacredpath. I’ll let you know how I get on.



    Geoff and Johan of Polar Rose contacted me and provided a fix as part of a test exercise. I must say I felt pretty good about being the first person to test it but then as I had discovered the bug it made sense. They were amazingly polite, friendly and informative. I think their project is very interesting and anyone who wants to know about new visual search techniques would do well to check their site.

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