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Sapphire Users - line spacing question

  1. Is there a way to change the paragraph spacing in Sapphire? I don't normally code, just use Visual, and the default spacing for a hard Enter is a double space. I'd like to be able to type in a single-spaced recipe from time to time, but can't figure out how. A great recipe for rabbit in a gingerbread sauce is hung up now on this problem - whoever can help me solve this can be the first one to make this dish. It's really excellent!


  2. To get single spaces, hold down the shift key and hit enter or return. That will insert a line break rather than a paragraph break.

  3. Thank you, sacredpath! Such an easy thing and it works perfectly, yet I'd never discovered it. If you like rabbit, check my blog in half an hour to reap the reward of your help. And if you're not a rabbit-eating type, please accept my gratitude, plain and simple.

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