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  1. I found this link in an earlier thread.

    Can we use wheatgrass here, or is that only for people who use wordpress on their own sites?


  2. It dosent look like that theme is on yet but the theme "saphire" that looks like it is unless the admin decides to add the theme it wouldnt be possible to use it :(

  3. Okay -- that's what I figured. I like sapphire, but would like the green even better.


  4. At I found some really sweet wordpress themes. They include: Greening (WordPress); Rounded (WordPress); Diconnected (WordPress); Internet Market (WordPress); 130106 (WordPress); 15n41n1; Simplify 1.0 (WordPress); Zimpleza (WordPress); and Spring (WordPress). I'm wondering why these themes aren't available to us. Have they been discontinued or what?

  5. It doesn't say on that blogflux site what licence those themes are released under.

    If you get in touch with blogflux to confirm that they are GPL, you could then suggest them through the feedback link on your dashboard, and the admins might consider adding them.

  6. Hello Wank
    I'm a newbie so what is "GPL" and /or what is its signifance please?

  7. Oh good -- I was going to ask that!

  8. The GPL is both simple and incredibly complex in some circumstances:

    "When we speak of free software, we are referring to freedom, not price. Our General Public Licenses are designed to make sure that you have the freedom to distribute copies of free software (and charge for this service if you wish), that you receive source code or can get it if you want it, that you can change the software or use pieces of it in new free programs; and that you know you can do these things."

    So a GPL theme is free, can be used by and can be changed by

    In contrast, a copyrighted theme you cannot change and you may need a license for if you want to use it or use it in certain environments.

    WordPress code that is downloaded from is also GPL - which explains why it has been so widely adopted and changed by so many people and companies including CNET, and Apple.

    I'll FAQ this in a better fashion :)

  9. We use Wheatgrass in my hosting. I like it. Even used it on one of my "webcomics." It had a few issues though that required some fixing.

    As per these threads before hand, I'm throwing in the suggesting that you send in a feedback as that's how Matt and staff are keeping track of these requests.

    As to timethief's question, remember each theme that is added as to be rewritten for the system that they use here as well as Widgets. They can't be installed "out of the box" as the WordPress system that we run here is different from the one you download from

  10. I sent my message vis feedback and got the response below.

    timethief wrote:

    > This is a low priority enquiry.
    > I am a newbie but I have carefully checked the forum and entered this
    > there and no one had an answer. At I found some
    > really sweet wordpress themes. They include: Greening (WordPress);
    > Rounded (WordPress); Disconnected (WordPress); Internet Market
    > (WordPress); 130106 (WordPress); 15n41n1; Simplify 1.0 (WordPress);
    > Zimpleza (WordPress); and Spring (WordPress). Blogflux does not state
    > the licence the themes are under. I'm wondering why these themes
    > aren't available to us. Have they been discontinued or are they going
    > to be available in the future or what?

    It's nothing against BlogFlux.
    There are hundreds if not more than a thousand themes for WordPress and to offer them all is simply impracticable. All online blogging systems have a limit on what themes/templates they offer. We are aiming to not only have the best but also have the most but our current policy of adding them slowly but surely will continue.


  11. Maybe if enough of us make the request ... they'll add some of these? I liked rounded and wheatgrass a lot. Green being my favorite color, natch.

    drmike -- love the comic and the wheatgrass. Tres cool.

  12. Also remember that each theme that is added to the system has to be completely rewritten to support the engine we are running here. We are not running the standard WP system or even the MU system.

  13. He's just released Autumn Street as well just to let you know. It has a few issues as well. (ie like forgeting the info in the footer) He appears to be taking a break.

  14. I just checked out the Autumn Street theme (thanks for the link drmike). I think it's aabsolutely beautiful and would like to use it for a second blog which will be quite different from my political one. It will be a personal journal and poetry blog. However, I don't have a clue what to do with the "zipped" file? Do I set up a new blog before or after the "zipped file" has been downloaded to my desktop. And how does it get from my desktop into my new blog to be used as the template?

  15. The theme you downloaded is for the self hosted blogs that you can download from, not for the blogs hosted here at

    Before a theme can be "given" to us for it to be used, it has to be completely rewritten by Matt and crew to add it the widget support, fix the errors within the theme, and support the backend that we're running here. It's not something that they can throw together in ten minutes.

  16. I'm resurrecting this topic because I still would love to have wheatgrass.

    If anybody else is interested, join me in sending a request to feedback.

    If this is identical to sapphire, only green, then it seems it wouldn't take a huge rewrite effort to add it. (She says in total ignorance.)

    Anyway, it's worth a try!

  17. Well, okay, I will make the request via "feedback" (as recommended upthread) when somebody tells me where "feedback" IS. Ooops.

  18. And now I've figured THAT out.

    I hope somebody else still wants "wheatgrass." (Send feedback!)

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