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Sarcastic Bloggers

  1. Sarcasm seems to be a pretty common link between bloggers, I've noticed. Sure there are blogs that have nothing to do with it, but I'm looking for more blogs by sarcastic folks like myself.

    One of my favorites is a blogger blog (don't shoot me) called If you like sarcasm, you should head over there and check things out.

    Please recommend some other sarcastic-type blogs for me to follow? Sorta new to the wordpress world, trying to find my niche.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Welcome! Your site looks great. Very funny stuff!

  3. cool story, bro.

  4. Oh yeah, I'm deeefintely going to that site. *rolls eyes*

    But you're right, though. Most bloggers are pretty darned sarcastic, including myself. (On my site, I review webcomics. Guess which ones get the most views? The ones that I rate 1 star, where I spew anguish and vitriol.)

    I think we love it because there's a sense of freedom about being transgressive that you don't get when you're in public, where you have to be polite and politically correct.

    One of my favorite sarcastic blogs, by the way, is The Comics Curmudgeon ( It's a sarcastic look at the lameness of American newspaper comic strips.

  5. Hi Rooktopia,

    The blog that I'm promoting here actually is a web-comic that I write sorta infrequently and definitely not all that seriously. I do have a few coming out, but every time I sit down to do it, I'm distracted.

    There's around 20 ... comics? issues? strips? what have you, on there. You're more than welcome to review it if you like, it's nothing much, and admittedly sorta directed to IT guys... But I put it online, so it's fair game.

  6. People tell me I'm sarcastic. I think I'm just a bad liar who does not know how to enunciate words of expression properly.

  7. roughseasinthemed

    There is criticism and sarcasm. Now, we do all understand the difference don't we?

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