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Save & Continue Editing - Problems

  1. For some reason, this morning when I am working on a new post and click the Save and Continue Editing button, most of my post disappears. However, after I've saved and my post partially disappears, if I hit Preview> the entire post shows up. Any ideas?

  2. I think it must have something to do with the maintenance that was mentioned this morning, my posts are doing this also.

    I'm just trying to be patient and hope it's resolved soon. ;)

  3. Whew! I thought it was just me -- it's happening to me too.

    It's still happening to me on the following blogs:

    So, pretty much every blog that I'm involved with. Here's what happens:

    1. I create a New Post
    2. I click "Save and Continue Editing"
    3. I continue to add more content
    4. I click "Save and Continue Editing" for a second time, but this time when it's done saving it shows me only the content that I saved at step #2
    5. But if I click Preview I can see all the content as saved at step #4

    Something weird is going on ...

  4. /nod to gonecrunchy
    I believe the maintenance is completed now as th sticky post has been removed from the head of the forum.

    Do you have a blog?
    If so would you please post the url?
    Staff monitor these threads on the forum but they cannot help you if they cannot locate your blog.

  5. @sarakate
    I'm posting this separately for obvious reasons - it's not directly dealing with the subject matter in this thread.

    Did you know that you can link your username to your blog?

    Linking your username to your blog in the forum
    (1) Go up to the top right hand corner of this forum page and look for “Welcome,_________ ! View your profile” and click “View your profile”.

    (2) Next click “edit this information”.

    (3) Complete the fields being sure that where it says website that you enter (no period at the end or the link won’t work)

    (4) Once you’re done click “Update Profile”. Voila! Now every time you sign into the forum we can click on your username and your blog will be linked to it.

    (5) Also note that there is a complete record of every post that you make to the forum on your forum profile page. Everyone in the forum can access it by simply clicking on “Member” next to your username. :)

  6. @timethief: Yep, blog and here's the url:

    Thanks! And I'll add my url link to my profile.

  7. Whenever I hit "save and continue editing" the post reverts to the previous save and strips all recent changes. Please find the problem, guys.

  8. You're welcome. Please check out the instructions above. :)

    (1) On another note it's always helpful when you are creating posts to periodically select all the text and then click ctrl C to copy it so you have it in case something goes wrong. If something does go wrong with the auto save then you can crtl V paste and you have the text back again.

    (2) Using an off-line blog editor like Windows Live Writer or BlogDesk, etc. to compose posts in and upload them into your blog from means that you will always have a back-up copy.

  9. baseballexchange

    I guess everyone has this same problem, mine is doing it too. Hope it gets fixed soon!

  10. Ah. Good to know timethief. Thanks.

  11. You're welcome and thanks for posting your details here so staff can locate your blog. :)

  12. AAACK! It's not just with the save & continue option. Every time I publish the post, it strips one or more items from the text or photos. So far, I've had no luck correcting a minor misspelling while retaining two photos and a link. It keeps using an old link that didn't work very well, instead of updating to the new link. And every time I try it, my photos get nixed. Should I just wait and fix it later?

  13. I just noticed the tips on saving posts with ctrl C, that's a good idea. But with what's going on right now, I would have to save it, delete the whole post, and republish it.

  14. I suggest that using a free off-line blog editor (see above) means that you will be using your time well preparing posts while corrections are being made by staff. It will save you time, trouble and frustration. :)

    You can also set the timestamp on every post to move it into the future.

  15. Thanks. The timestamp thing though, that's beyond my technologically-impaired mind.

  16. I'm having this problem, too (at -- and my published post has also vanished multiple times.

  17. I am having the same problem, along with after I publish an article it completely disappears. It doesn't show up on my blog nor does it show up when I attempt to find it in the "manage" section. They are simply nowhere to be seen. I have attempted to publish the same article 3 times now with it disappearing into a black hole each time.

    My blog address if it is needed :

  18. We are looking into this now....

  19. This should now be resolved.

  20. I spent two hours this morning writing a post and most of all the edits are simply gone!!! After I clicked save and continue editing it just didn't do it! And i didn't realize all that time...what the hell!!

  21. baseballexchange

    Thanks a lot barry!

  22. mine isn't fixed yet. do i have to rewrite the entry or just sit tight and wait?

    my blog:


  23. If your post is not showing up in the editor you will need to re-post what you wrote earlier. Sorry! Future edits and saves should work just fine though.

  24. Mine seems to be back on track. Thanks!

  25. The problem is obviously not solved ... parts of my new posts/pages disappear after editing. And what is left of it after editing, does not show up on my blog. Theo

  26. I've had something weird happen. I wrote a post, and saved it, and when I went back, I couldn't find the post. It turned out that I hadn't ticked a category and that a new category that was 304 had been created and the saved post was deep down at the bottom of other saved posts.
    Maybe I should have kept it that way, but I deleted that 'new' category.
    Does this happen when you don't attribute a category to a post right away? And would that be why the post looked like it had disappeared? I only found it by using the search function

  27. I just reproduced this 304 category creating. If I don't attribute a category to a post, a category called 304 is created. This time, I have left it on. It's all very weird.

  28. Um, the sticky says this issue is resolved, but I'm still reading problems here in this forum. Not too keen to write and edit a blog as long as I see residual problems going on. Any final word, Mr. Key Master?

  29. @claudecf

    I think that I've fixed your problem with the 304 category being created. Can you try it again and see if it is still happening.

  30. josephscott, sorry to say this. But I just gave it another try. I deleted the 304 category, then wrote another post entitled another try. Didn't assign a category to it, and again, a 304 category was created and the draft is almost at the bottom of my drafts, with another one which says uncategorized under it.
    Thanks for trying :)

    Had another try and noticed that when I delete the 304 category, the trial post I posted before went into the uncategorized category.
    In fact all this would be OK, I guess, if the draft didn't go to the bottom of the pile as if it had been written eons ago, which means you cannot find it unless you perform a search, or of course, if you only have two drafts ;)

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