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    Has anyone else noticed it takes a LONG time to save a draft of a post, preview the draft or open the image uploader?

    Everything else seems to be taking the same time to happen, like open an image or visit site, so I wonder if it’s not just me on a slow connection.


    I haven’t noticed that


    For me it is much faster than with the old version of WP.



    I haven’t noticed it either. If it’s not caused just by some temporary local connectivity conditions, then it’s possible it may be something to do with the browser you are using? I’m not an expert, but I have heard of this kind of thing happening. Perhaps, if the problem persists, it might be worth telling WordPress about it. And anyway, definitely browse through the question threads to see if anyone else has the same problem.



    Thanks everyone, I’ll just wait and see what happens. I Just changed from dialup so connectivity is probably the cause, being at the edge of mobile reception. Traffic varies too and the weather has been changeable. Sounds like a recipe for some disruption. :)

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